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Faith, joy and a positive attitude - with a heavy dose of laughter and real life!

 As you can see from our other information, we have backgrounds in business training and change management.  Our experience, however, is not limited to just the business world... we have also lived our share of life's ups and downs, triumphs and challenges!

 In our Christian offerings, we share learned skills in handling life's changes through our personal stories of faith, laughter and inspiration.  Both you and your group will be challenged and motivated anew to manage the challenges of everyday life in a whole new way!

 If you feel your group or staff would benefit from our inspirational approach to changing old habits and attitudes through scripture-based skill building techniques (with lots of laughter!), please consider the following programs:

We are available to speak at:

bulletRetreats / Conferences / Seminars
bulletEvening Class Study Series
bulletStaff / Leadership Retreats
bulletWomen's Ministries
bulletSingle Adults
bulletSenior Adults
bulletCouples Events
bulletOther events

Christian Topics

bullet "I Can't Handle It All... Please Pass the Twinkies" ...using God's gift of laughter in managing life's stresses.
bullet "Lifestyles of the Frazzled and Frustrated" ...looking at the harried and hurried lifestyles we live and why we are often too busy for God.
bullet "Does Your Attitude Show Gratitude?" God can help us learn that attitude is a choice and only with His help can we change.
bullet "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" ...working with others through good and not-so-good times.
bullet "Feeling Like a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie World - Loving the Woman Inside of Me" ...seeing your reflection in God's mirror (self esteem).
bullet "And Adam said, "Eve, honey, have you seen my rib?" ...navigating the "shark-infested" waters of "he said, she said".
bullet "Are You Really Living Your Life?" we can rise above circumstances and appreciate and live life to the fullest.  Also breaking the cycle of looking for joy - in all the wrong places.
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